Family owned and operated, Graves and Sons LLC is a Virginia Class "B" Home Improvement Contractor and Telecommunications Services Provider.
With over 30 years of experience, we are proud of our work and seek to provide you, the customer, with reliable and quality work.  Give us a call or email today to set up your appointment!
  1. Gary Graves
    Gary Graves
    Owner/Contractor/Master Electrician/Telecommunications SME of Graves and Sons LLC, Gary has over 33 years of experience managing and leading all aspects of telephony project with the Federal Government. During his regular job and the remodeling friends and family homes, Gary gained the skill sets required to become a quality Virginia Class "B" home improvement contractor and Master Electrician. Gary has lived in Chester Gap for over 25 years and started this business upon his retirement in February 2015.
  2. Karol Graves
    Karol Graves
    Wife of Gary, Karol will take your call and assist you in setting up your appointments. Karol has over 30 years of business and customer service experience.
  1. Christopher Graves
    Christopher Graves
    Christopher is a veteran of the US Army. He is married and they have one son. In his spare time, Christopher enjoys exploring small towns and visiting Civil War Battlefields. On weekends, you can catch a glimpse of Christopher, helping his dad on site.
  2. Jeremy Graves
    Jeremy Graves
    ​Jeremy is a federal protection officer full time. However, on his days off, Jeremy often works with his dad on jobs. Jeremy is married. They have two daughters and one son. Jeremy enjoys racing cars of all sizes (full size to Pinewood Derby).